Winning Words: Gelfand’s Best Speakers

This week’s speakers were inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining. Congratulations to all the winners from our meeting June 22:RIBBONS  AWARDS

  • Best Speaker: Regina Turner, “What’s Your Thing?”
  • Second Place: Angel Peraza, “Make a Decision, Take Action and Achieve Your Dreams”
  • Best Evaluator: Janete Santana
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Charles Bloch
  • Grammarian: Charles Bloch


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2 Responses to Winning Words: Gelfand’s Best Speakers

  1. C. Leffler says:

    Hi there,

    Do you still update the website of yours?

    I’ve encountered 22 grammar errors.

    Warm regards,
    C. Leffler

    • I welcome any specifics you care to share.
      Meanwhile, perhaps you should proofread the “Proofreading Basics” section of your blog. Is it “proof reading,” “proofreading” or “Proof reading”?

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