Speak Up with the Florida Speakers Network

You’re looking for outside speaking opportunities. The Florida Speakers Network is looking for speakers.

 Sounds like a perfect match.

 The Florida Speakers Network was formed “to discuss the business of speaking and work on ways to help each other find more speaking opportunities,” explains founder Walter Bernuy on the group’s Meetup page. Membership is open to both experienced speakers and those just getting started.

 The group’s next meeting is February 21 at 7 p.m. at Picadilly Cafeteria in Hollywood (convenient for Gelfand members). The featured speaker is Nancy Leve, who’ll present “Using Your Website as the Cornerstone of Your Marketing Plan.”  Registration is $15.

 The Florida Speakers Network is also looking for speakers on a wide variety of topics.  Contact Walter if you can share your expertise on topics including these:

• Network Marketing
• Sales
• Entrepreneurship
• Business Planning
• Entrepreneurial Finance
• Web Development
• Small Business Marketing
• Basic Accounting
• Small Business Licensing
• Self-Development/Motivation
• Public Speaking
• Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Google+
• Health/Wellness

For more information, contact walter.bernuy@praxisseminars.com.

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