Gelfand Goals: Going All the Way

PDC ribbonExperts say the best way to achieve a goal is to write it down and tell everyone. So we’re sharing the club’s goals for the coming year.

The good news is that we’re closing in on being named a President’s Distinguished Club, which we’ve earned every year since 2003. By June 30, 2013, we must have at least 20 members or show a net growth of at least five members. We must also meet nine of ten goals:

  1. Two new Competent Communicators
  2. Two more new Competent Communicators
  3. One Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver or Gold – Done!
  4. One more Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver or Gold during each of two training periods
  5. One Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze or Advanced Leader Silver
  6. One more Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze, Advanced Leader Silver or Distinguished Toastmaster
  7. Four new members – Done!
  8. Four more new members – Done!
  9. At least four club officers trained – Halfway Done!
  10. One membership renewal report and one club-officer list submitted on time – Done!

If we make the membership number and five of those ten goals, we’ll be a Distinguished Club. Reaching the membership number plus seven goals will make us a Select Distinguished Club.

As you can see, we can only reach our goals if members advance to the next Toastmasters level. Giving prepared speeches to the club is an important part of your progress.  So dust off your manual, talk to VP Education Evaldo B. Amaral, and start speaking up and moving forward!

For more information on the club recognition program – or the educational program for members — visit the Toastmasters International website.

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