Gelfand’s Best Speakers

RIBBONS  AWARDSCongratulations to all the winners from our meeting December 15:

  • Best Speaker: Janete Santana (CC)
  • Second-Place Speaker: Fasil Malik (ACB, ALB)
  • Best Evaluator: Steve Naron (ACB)
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Evaldo B. Amaral (ACG, CL)
  • Grammarian: Janete Santana
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2 Responses to Gelfand’s Best Speakers

  1. Hi Kate,

    I was not the best evaluator…Stephen was. Can you please correct your announcement?

    Thanks for the honors though! 😉

    Marlene M. Bryan Life Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker Motto: Live a Diamond Life, a Life of Purpose! 305-771-2445

    Follow me:

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