Run, Gelfand, Run!

Club Elections: November 17

One of the goals of Toastmasters is to help its members develop leadership skills. Becoming a club officer is an excellent way for you to reach this goal.

Gelfand’s semi-annual elections will be held at the November 17 club meeting. Officers will be elected for a six-month term, January through June 2013.

The meeting will have a special agenda, with time for candidates to speak about their plans for helping to lead the club.

All positions are open to anyone who wants to seek the office. We have candidates for president, vice president-education and sergeant-at-arms, but the full slate is up for grabs, including vice president-membership, vice president-public relations, secretary and treasurer. Watch your e-mails for news of the candidates.

If you’re interested in running or you have questions about the process, see the members of the Elections Committee:

  • Marlene Bryan (ACB, ALB), immediate past president
  • Norman Gaslowitz (ATM, CL), current president
  • Charles Bloch (ACB), senior club member

Even if you don’t plan to run for an office, please be sure to attend the November 17 meeting so that the voices of all club members will be heard. You must vote in person at the meeting, according to Toastmasters International’s election rules.

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