October Speaking Awards


  • Best Speaker: Marlene Bryan (ACB, ALB)
  • Second-Place Speaker: Mariposa Valdes (CC)
  • Best Evaluator: Steve Naron (ACB)
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Mariposa Valdes (CC)
  • Grammarian: Mariposa Valdes (CC)


  • Best Speaker: Anita Fain Taylor
  • 2nd Place Speaker: John Simon (CC)
  • Best Evaluator: Kate McClare (CC, CL)
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Charles Bloch (ACB)
  • Grammarian: Charles Bloch

Our apologies to winners of October 13 and 27 – the Gazette editor was absent and failed to catch up. Please let us know if you can fill in the blanks. 

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