Two Contests, One Winner: Congratulations, Larry!

From left: Contest Master Charles Bloch, President Norman Gaslowitz and our double winner, Larry Benovitz

Gelfand’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests gave us plenty to laugh and think about, and even more to emulate in our future speeches.

All contestants performed impressively, but the top honors in both contests went to Larry Benovitz (ACS, CL). Larry gave a clear, well-constructed evaluation of a test speaker’s presentation, and then proceeded to share a story that perfectly used humor to keep the audience engaged.

From left: Evaluation Contest entrants Larry Benovitz, Diana Marshalleck, Nancy Abello, Dick Giller and John Simon

Larry will compete against four other Area A winners in both contests, on Saturday, September 15. Gelfand is hosting the contest; see Area Governor Marlene Bryan for information.

From left: Humorous Speech contestants Larry Benovitz, Kate McClare, Nancy Abello and John Simon

Thanks to VP Education Sandra Sanson (CC) for setting up a well-run contest; to President Norman Gaslowitz (ATM, CL) for his assistance; to the contest judges (who must, unfortunately, remain anonymous); to our test speaker, Cynthia Schaefer; and to those who fulfilled essential roles:

  • Contest Master: Charles Bloch (ACB)
  • Chief Judge: Evaldo B. Amaral (ACG, CL)
  • Timers: Marlene Bryan (ACB, ALB) and Stanley Lloyd
  • Sergeants-at-Arms: Marlene Bryan and Stanley Lloyd
  • Ballot Counters: Vernell McKinney-Toure and Marino Molina (CC)

And the winners are . . .

Evaluation Contest

  • 1st Place: Larry Benovitz
  • 2nd Place: Diana Marshalleck (CC)
  • 3rd Place: John Simon (CC, CL)
  • Also competing: Nancy Abello (ACS) and Dick Giller (DTM)

Diana Marshalleck, 2nd Place, Evaluation Contest

John Simon, 3rd Place, Evaluation Contest

Norman presents Larry with the trophy for 1st Place Humorous Speech

Humorous Speech

  • 1st Place: Larry Benovitz
  • 2nd Place: Kate McClare (CC, CL)
  • Also competing: Nancy Abello and John Simon
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