A Funny Thing Happened . . .

Update: Contestants are needed for the club’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests on Saturday, August 25. We also need a Chief Judge to oversee the judges.

To enter or volunteer as Chief Judge, contact Vice President Education Sandra Sanson (CC) by Wednesday, August 22.

Or, rather, a funny thing is about to happen.

Gelfand will have our Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests in place of our regular meeting on Saturday, August 25. The winners will move on to the Area 12 contest on Saturday, September 15, and then to the Division A semi-finals and District 47 finals. Gelfand is hosting the Area 12 contest in September.

We are inviting members of other Toastmasters clubs to act as judges in the club contest, for greater impartiality.

No kidding

Winners of the Humorous Speech Contest tend to be storytellers first, and funny people second: Make your story funny, but humor should be a tool that propels the story, not the point of the speech. The emphasis is on “speech,” not “humorous.” The 2011 Division B winner, for instance, sprinkled humor throughout his story about taking his daughters to a roller rink. It was funny, but it made a serious point about a father’s relationship with his daughters.

Judging the judges

In the Evaluation Contest, a test speaker gives a presentation and  each contestant then gives a standard evaluation. (Other competitors are not in the room.) You can’t practice for this particular evaluation, of course, but one way to get in shape is to visit another club and volunteer to be an evaluator. You’ll get practice in evaluating speakers you’ve never heard before, and the club will probably appreciate a fresh perspective.

For more information and to register for either contest, see Vice President Education Sandra Sanson.

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