Sharing Wisdom

Norman Gaslowitz

Nice job, Coach: Our own Norman Gaslowitz, ATM, CL, is one of several successful club coaches recognized in the June issue of The Sunshiner, the District 47 newsletter. Norman coaches FCC Toastmasters, which he helped to reach Distinguished Club status. The article points out that being a club coach is a requirement for earning Advanced Leader Silver. If you’d like to help yourself by helping another club, visit The Club Coach Program at the Toastmasters International website.

Good advice from Dr. Larry Benovitz: “There Is No Redo”

The write stuff: “Time is your most important nonrenewable commodity,” writes Dr. Larry Benovitz, ACS, CL, in his recently published book, There Is No Redo: Strategies for a Lifetime. The book offers specific ways to make the most of our limited time, from career moves to romantic relationships. Among those to whom Larry dedicates the book are the members of Gelfand, especially Dick Giller, DTM. Visit to purchase the book, or just see Larry.

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