Top Speakers in June


  • Best Speaker: Larry Benovitz
  • Second-Place Speaker: Kate McClare
  • Best Evaluator: Stonly Baptiste
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Sandra Sanson
  • Grammarian: Sandra Sanson


  • Best Speaker: Stonly Baptiste
  • Second-Place Speaker: Marlene Bryan
  • Best Evaluator: Sheba Jones
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Eva Francis
  • Grammarian: Eva Francis

 JUNE 16

  • Best Speaker: Eva Francis
  • Second-Place Speaker: John Simon
  • Best Evaluator: Janete Santana
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Dick Giller
  • Grammarian: Goran Jovanovic

JUNE 23 – No meeting

 JUNE 30

  • Best Speaker: Marlene Bryan
  • Second-Place Speaker: Carmen Lyons
  • Best Evaluator: Eva Francis
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Dove Rosenbaum (former Gelfand member visiting from Friendly Toastmasters in Fort Lauderdale)
  • Grammarian: Charles Bloch
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