New Officers Elected

The new board, from left: Anita Fain Taylor, Evaldo B. Amaral, Norman Gaslowitz, Kate McClare, William Thomas. Not shown: Sandra Sanson.

Gelfand has a new board of officers, elected at the regular meeting on May 19. They will be inducted at the regular meeting June 16, and will serve a six-month term.

We’re sure all officers will eagerly attend training for their roles, at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) on June 23 in Boca Raton. Online registration is now open, at the District 47 website. Click here to see the flyer thoughtfully submitted by TLI Chairman Steve Harwood.

Thanks to Stonly Baptiste, CC, for running a well-organized election that brought us the following new board:

  • President: Norman Gaslowitz, ATM, CL
  • Vice President Education: Sandra Sanson, CC
  • Vice President Membership: Anita Fain Taylor
  • Vice President Public Relations: Kate McClare, CC
  • Secretary: Janete Santana, CC
  • Treasurer: Evaldo B. Amaral, ACG, CL

Congratulations and welcome to all!

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