Seizing the Moment

Gelfand members found many ways to use their skills outside the club in May:

Nancy Abello, ACS, was asked to officiate at a wedding at the last minute — when she arrived at the ceremony! — and said her Toastmasters experience helped her to do a great job.

Steve Harwood, CC, CL, and Area 27 Governor, spoke at the District 47 Spring Conference and was asked to give one of the Moments of Inspiration.

Goran Jovanovic, CC, ALB, has been chosen to explain his church’s new building project because of his expert speaking skills.

Heather Mahoney, CC, CL, spoke before the Broward County School Board.

Diana Marshalleck, CC, says her Toastmasters training served her well when she led a conference call with about 20 co-workers.

John Simon, CC, CL has been asked to fulfill several contributing roles when visiting other Toastmasters Clubs.

William Thomas, ACB, CL, spoke at his old high school and took the opportunity to promote Toastmasters after someone complimented him on his speech.

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