Hone Your Leadership Skills

How quickly time flies! It has been nine months into my second term as the president of Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters Club. I have learned so much about becoming a better leader in this time. When I was a manager in a business setting, leading others had its challenges. Yet, I find that it was a different kind of challenge than leading in a voluntary organization such as Toastmasters.

Usually, motivating your paid employees in the business arena requires incentivizing them with monetary rewards or something along those lines. They often just do what they are told in order to keep their jobs. This is not the case in a voluntary organization. Leadership in Toastmasters requires that you inspire other volunteers to complete a job or a project without being compensated monetarily. I discovered that I needed to be more patient and use more persuasive skills and much more negotiation in Toastmasters than I did in the business world.

Also, a leader in Toastmasters has to be very transparent with the members, in order to inspire them to adopt the leader’s vision and work together as a team. It definitely involves resolving any issue as quickly as possible and not taking anything personally. One definitely has to recognize those who have helped to make the events, projects or duties a success. One has to think about the good of the organization at all times and not what one might like for oneself. This attention to the club and its members pays off in great dividends.

The knowledge and the experiences I have gained during my time as president of Gelfand will benefit me well into the future. They have strengthened me as a person and as a leader. I have acquired new friends and associates, which is beyond what I had expected.

You too can have a great experience such as this, by becoming one of the new leaders of the club. The club elections will be held May 26. I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and take on this opportunity to grow. Raise your hand to become one of our candidates to lead the club to new heights, and hone your leadership skills in the process.

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