4 Reasons the Gazette Is Now a Blog

Welcome to the all-new Gelfand Gazette, the blog version of Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters’ monthly newsletter.

Delivery of the blog isn’t so different from the PDFs you’re used to receiving.  Both versions come to you by e-mail. The blog itself is different — and better, arguably — in these key ways:

  1. No more downloads. With the PDF, you open the e-mail sending you the newsletter, click on the link to the PDF, tell your browser whether to save it or just open it, wait for the virus check, and wait for the PDF to open. Who has time for this? With a blog, you just open up the e-mail, click on the link to the blog, and there you are. You don’t have to use up any space on your computer, as you do with a downloaded document.
  2. Accessible anywhere. Read it anywhere you can get online, instead of just on your e-mail.
  3. Automatic archiving. Remember that funny article John Simon wrote in the Gazette in  . . . uh, when was it, November? Or was it September? Blog articles are automatically archived by category from the very first post. You can also search for them by keyword if you don’t know the category.
  4. Everyone gets a say. Readers can comment on anything posted on the blog; Gelfand members also can submit their own articles. Non-members will be able to read the blog, but all comments and articles will be reviewed for content and basic grammar, spelling and punctuation. We will not let in any spam, offensive language, personal attacks or controversial subjects such as religion and politics.

For your convenience, the blog will be public; with private blogs, users must have a WordPress account and log in every time they want to visit the site.

No one’s personal information will be accessible here. You can even post anonymously if you like, as long as the editor knows who you are.

Once you’ve subscribed, nothing else is expected of you —  just enjoy it, and share it with fellow Toastmasters if you like.

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