Toss That Ballast

We all know the filler words: “so,” “and,” “but,” “now” and their ilk.  Other expressions might be called “ballast words,” for they can sink our speech with unnecessary weight.

Dump this dead weight immediately:

  • “I would like to (say, thank, mention, whatever)” If we ever utter this wordy warm-up, we all know Dr. Larry Benovitz will throw the book at us – probably a hardcover edition of the unabridged Merriam-Webster dictionary. As Dr. B. would urge, just say/thank/mention/whatever.
  • “Could you please . . .?” Could you please just ask straight out? “Please tell us the winners.”
  • “Personally, I think . . .” It’s unnecessary to point out that it’s your opinion.

What other ballast words and phrases would you like to give the heave-ho? Share in Comments.

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