President’s Message: Living Your Dreams

Marlene Bryan - President, Good Morning Gelfand Toastmasters

Losing my father to cancer in January 2009 was a wake up call for me. It made me realize how fleeting life can be. I realize that life is too short not to live out your purpose.

Some call it living your passions or dreams. I wanted to be an inspirational speaker for some time, and the loss of my dad pushed me to act upon this. I researched the best way to get me on this life’s journey and found that becoming a Toastmaster will help me along the way.

It has been over two years since I joined and I am moving full force ahead in achieving my goal. Toastmasters International and Gelfand club have strengthened my self-confidence and improved my speaking skills. This has allowed me to start my own business and obtaining speaking engagements. There have been many bumps on the road, but my fellow Toastmasters have been a great source of encouragement to keep me focused on my goals.

What about you? What is your reason for joining Toastmasters? What dreams or purpose do you want to fulfill? Are you achieving them? If you are having difficulty reaching your goal, how can we help you to get back on that road?

I truly appreciate the supportive atmosphere at Gelfand and the warmth of our members. I encourage all of you to remember your dreams, passions, and purposes and strive toward them. We are here to help.

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